Monday, 9 February 2009

How do you read blogs? One question survey

The Winery Website Report, which I follow is conducting a short (one question) survey about how you read blogs. Spend the time to answer the question (I'm curious, too!). And if you've got any preferred methods of reading blogs, especially time saving ideas, share them by commenting below.


Óscar said...

When I started to read blogs, around half a year ago, I selected 8 or 10 to my RSS feed reader. Since than, every time I find some blog I think it is worth to follow I add it to my list. But now I have a problem, that list has grown too fast and is hard to read all the posts. I use to read those posts that can really add a lot for me or which I can help someone with my comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my survey! Every little bit helps. I plan to post the results the week of Feb 16th (next week).