Monday, 9 February 2009 - THE place to research wines

Want to learn more about wines, grapes and anything related to them? If so, is the place to be.

As someone who is fascinated with all things vinous and who does a lot of wine research for my tastings and tours, discovering AbleGrape made my life much easier.

If you are a wine lover, wine educator, or just a wine geek (I'm a charter member), you should start using AbleGrape, too.


Steve said...

Hi Paula,
Nice Blog! One thing you should do, however, is make the links active as in as opposed to just

Thanks for the tip on ablegrape!

paswines said...

Steve -
How do you make a link "active"? What did I do wrong? I'm not quite a "luddite" about this but I'm not techno-savvy re: internet stuff.
Cheers, Paula

Steve said...

I don't use blogger but there's probably a way of selecting text so it's highlighted and then clicking on an "add link" icon. either that or use html link tags which are tedious.