Tuesday, 31 March 2009

7 May 09 Tasting - Swiss Wines - Grape Varieties You've NEVER Heard Of

Venue - London – Bacchus & Comus, 57 Pelham Street, London SW7 2NJ
Time - 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Date - 7 May 2009 (Thursday)
Cost - £40.00/person

Switzerland offers so much more in the vinous area than those incredibly ordinary Fendants and Dôles that you drink on your ski trips. This tasting will feature 12 (!!) unique grape varieties that you've probably have never heard of so it’s a real opportunity to add to your grape variety “life list”. All these wines are rare and seldom made anywhere, even in Switzerland. Most are from the Valais, that beautiful valley along which the Rhône River flows on the way up from Zermatt. The tiny producers here make some outstanding wines. The wines aren’t cheap but, then, what is in Switzerland. So to experience the pleasures of Heida (Païen), Cornalin, Resi, Lafnetscha, Gamaret, and Gwäss, among others, join us on 7 May.

Booking and prepayment for the tasting is required. Phone (01628-472214) or email (paula@ultimatewines.co.uk) to book your place. All of the tastings are sit-down, tutored tastings so arrival on time is important. Please let me know if you will be late (mobile – 07745-895210). See you there.

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